This Internet portal

is carried out under the project TRIGGER (Transnational initiative to help graduates of universities and entrepreneurship), implemented under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013", funded by the European Regional Development Fund and national budgets Greece and Bulgaria.

The main objective of the project

is to implement a comprehensive package of measures which will have the final result of the integration in the labor market and increase the self-employment of 200 young scientists in the region and the creation of perspectives, based on competitiveness, productivity and innovation.

Other objectives are

  To establish functional, flexible and permanently sustainable "supporting structure" to act as an info-point in support of self-employment and entrepreneurship through the use of local scientific potential, which will be adapted to meet the requirements border.

  Investing in human capital as one of the most valuable resources in the border area for promoting economic activities.

  To improve the skills of human capital to meet the needs of businesses of specific regions through the provision of e-tools and advice as well as training courses.

  To stimulate entrepreneurship in all economic sectors as a means to economic and social cohesion.

  To take measures to intensify information activities to the local and regional business community through the presentation of useful materials (manuals, brochures, leaflets etc.) for business people, but also to the network of research and economic activities, order to incorporate innovation into the productive sectors of the economy.

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